The Credentialed Community Language Test (CCL) is an assessment of your language abilities at a community level.

The NAATI CCL Test is generally taken by the applicants who are looking to lodge a point-based visa application. On successfully passing the test, applicants are awarded five bonus points. These bonus points are also referred to as Credentialed Community Language Points.

CCL test is not a professional certification. Hence, clearing the CCL test, does not certifies one to work as an interpreter or a translator.

How Is the Test Marked?

The Test comprises of two dialogues; each worth 45 marks. In order to pass the test, a candidate requires to fulfill two conditions:

Condition 1:  The candidate should be able to score a minimum of 29 marks in each dialogue 

Condition 2: The overall score should be minimum 63 out of 90.

The result for the CCL Test will be given as:

  • Pass: 63 or higher (marks out of 90)
  • Marginal Fail: between 58 and 62.5 (marks out of 90)
  • Clear Fail: less than 58 (marks out of 90)


If a candidate scores 23 out of 45 in Dialogue 1, and 41 out of 45 in Dialogue 2 and an Overall Score of 64 out of 90, the result given will be CLEAR FAIL as the candidate hasn’t fulfilled Condition 1 i.e. they haven’t achieved 29 out of 45 in Dialogue 1.

Results are sent via email within 4-6 weeks of the test date and are valid for three years from the date of issue.

Clear Fail results are unable to apply for a review of their test due to the statistical improbability of the result being overturned.